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The Tibblestone

 England has many mysterious standing stones.

Click on The Tibblestone to discover more about this fascinating stone. 


History, Books, Legends and Pictures


Updated 21st October 2013






Do the names Cann, Bradford, Gerrard or White appear in your family Tree?  Do your ancestors come from Dorset, Devon or Wiltshire?

Sir Robert Cann and Stoke House is a page of interest for anyone with Bristol Cann connections.

The Casper Olevian Connection  New information has been added in February 2011.










Old Radios

Keith collects and restores old wirelesses. His pages contain pictures, articles, links etc.  Easily the most visited pages on this website with over 34,500 hits.

Old radios



Becca’s Blog

Find out the latest happenings at



Maths for dinner, then

         Becca with a Fractal  Broccoli




S & Q club re-union

Members of this exclusive band met up again in 2009. 

Another get-together is overdue.








We would like to

recommend the following

as outstanding places to eat

 and drink.



The Butchers Arm’s, Eldersfield

Now with a Michelin Star!


The Nobody Inn, Doddiscombsleigh, Devon 





Music We Love

Melody Gardot


Melody Gardot blends jazz and blues into a sultry mix, a stylish sonic expression of the place where music meets life.  Her story is remarkable, having nearly lost her life in an accident, aged 19.  Although she still suffers from light sensitivity (hence the dark glasses) and other ill effects, she has found that she can compose songs. Coupled with piano playing and a fragile soft voice she is one of a kind.







Bluebell Woods



 Photos & Pictures

Amongst the usual holiday snaps there are sometimes pictures that stand out. So here are some of the best from our holidays, special occasions and life in general.

Photo Gallery

Our Robins

Little did Yo think when she planned her hanging basket that it would become a nest box!


Watch them grow!



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