The Robins

Every year, Yo produces a hanging basket which graces the front wall of Tibblestone Lodge, quite near the front door. This year, in addition to the usual fuscias and geraniums,  some odd little yellow flowers made a surprise appearance.

This, despite the fact that a purpose built nest box had been provided within sight of their chosen location.

The hanging basket bracket made an excellent support for an otherwise unused webcam so we were able to watch them grow:

1. Already getting bigger

2. Both ends catered for!

3. There's always one fidget when you're trying to have a kip

4. A bit of a fairground ride in the wind today

5. We want MORE!

6. It's getting a bit crowded in here

7. Gone! - now we're left with the empty nest syndrome...



We'll try to keep this updated until they fly off into the big wide world





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