What's new?


After a five year gap in publication the real "what's new" is this new website! So I get to start afresh with this page : 

16th Jan 2010

Apart from a bit of re-organisation, the main new addition is the T1154 page in Air Force radio. Eventually it will be joined by a matching R1155 page.

6th Sept 2010 More for the 19 Set enthusiasts. This is the story of how I reconciled my boyhood vandalism and performed a B-Set transplant.
12th Dec 2011 Navy page now up. Finally got all three services represented!
29th Dec 2012 AJAX Leader marine transmitter/receiver page added
16th Mar 2019 619 & CAT Warning note added re TX voltage switching
30th Jul 2019 AJAX Leader Update describing incorpoation of cheap Chinese inverter

3rd Feb 2020

R1155 update to add video of DF operation. 

27th Mar 2021

Links Links updated. 


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