What's new?


After a five year gap in publication the real "what's new" is this new website! So I get to start afresh with this page : 

16th Jan 2010

Apart from a bit of re-organisation, the main new addition is the T1154 page in Air Force radio. Eventually it will be joined by a matching R1155 page.

6th Sept 2010 More for the 19 Set enthusiasts. This is the story of how I reconciled my boyhood vandalism and performed a B-Set transplant.
12th Dec 2011 Navy page now up. Finally got all three services represented!
29th Dec 2012 AJAX Leader marine transmitter/receiver page added
16th Mar 2019 619 & CAT Warning note added re TX voltage switching
30th July 2019 AJAX Leader Update describing incorpoation of cheap Chinese inverter


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