Marconiphone V2

Many of you will recognise this as the case of the magnificent and much sought-after Marconiphone V2. Sadly the case is all I have! It was found at a village hall market in the Cotswolds (see Early Valves page). Built into it was a home made two-valve receiver of unknown origin. I can only surmise that a previous owner had not been impressed with the performance of the V2 (which by all accounts was not brilliant) and had decided to use the case to house an updated circuit.

I did attempt to contact the stallholder to see if he by any chance knew of the whereabouts of the original range blocks and tuning spades, etc, but to no avail. So, having removed the sacrilegiously substituted components, I am left with this rather sad case (literally!). Maybe one day it will be restored to its former glory – but I doubt it…

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