Early Valves

This small collection started at a village hall market in the Cotswolds. I don’t recall exactly how I heard about it - I think my wife spotted it in the local paper. The vendor had quite a selection of 20’s and 30’s components plus a couple of interesting looking old sets. The poor chap seemed to be pretty fed-up with being there and I ended up buying his entire stall (for quite a modest sum)! Amazingly all the valves still have intact filaments.

I have found references to the DE3 and DE6 but this one is clearly marked DE5. I gather that DE stands for "Dull emitter". Maybe someone out there has some more information.


Rather a handsome triode with a nickel base and a 3-volt filament. I assume that BTH stands for British Thomson Houston.




I can’t find any reference to the ST22 anywhere so I suspect it may be rather special. The B4 base is made of beautifully figured "walnut" bakelite and the box purports to be hand-initialled by the great man himself! Presumably the 1920’s version of seed packets signed by Allan Titchmarsh! Talking of which.....



Some old valves are getting difficult to find. Maybe my daughter has the answer as suggested in a recent birthday card! 

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