Wartime Utility Set


This one brings back many happy memories (not of the war, of course - even I'm not that old!). My schoolmate, Brian, had one of these in his shed. At the time, of course, it was just another radio. The point was that it tuned down low enough to get Radio Caroline and it didn't get flustered by having a long-wire aerial attached to it!

This example has the dreaded third knob. Now I know this means that it's not original, but this was clearly an accepted modification. The chassis stamping actually has a hole for the extra switch. Presumably incorporating the long wave components provided a steady income for post-war radio service engineer!

I think the only electrical work was capacitor replacement, especially the o/p transformer killer output stage coupling capacitor.

The real challenge here was the French polishing. Although the woodwork is only Beech and Pine (times were tight!), quite a reasonable finish can be obtained at low cost. I have to admit that I chickened out at the "neat spirit" stage, preferring instead to resort to steel wool ("can you knit me a car, dad" as my daughter used to say).

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