Portadyne "Midget"


I have never been able to find any model identification on this radio. Unfortunately its back was missing when I acquired it and I can't find it in any of the books. So if anyone out there recognises it, I would be most grateful!

This is another "line cord dropper" solution to the extreme packaging requirements of the compact case. As in the Pilot "Little Maestro" I used the motor run capacitor trick. In this case, however, I was able to fit it in place of the main smoothing capacitor (i.e. in the chassis clamp), and replace the latter with a smaller component under the chassis. I took the trouble to saw off the mounting screw and file the remainder flush with the can so that without close inspection, the top chassis looks original. It's certainly far superior to the electric fire element type resistor precariously wired to the outside of the case by the previous owner (maybe that's what happened to the back - it went up in flames)!

I guessed that this set was a bit younger than the Pilot. Consequently it got the full high-gloss varnish treatment. It was actually restored over a considerable period of time, spending a number of years in pieces. Miraculously, I managed to find all the bits when I came to put it back together! All in all, it works quite well, but I never quite got rid of the hum (even with largish values of smoothing capacitor). I think the mains switch isn't that well shielded from the volume control. Still, it adds character as they say.



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