Marconiphone 238


 Now this is a proper radio - by which I mean a TRF. Made in 1934 as the new-fangled superhets were just coming off the production lines (they'll never catch on!).

Lovely case with lots of inlaid veneer (a real challenge to my fledgling french polishing skills!). There was also a cheaper "leatherette" covered version - presumably considered trendy at the time! It features a delightful "projected light spot" tuning cursor - simple but effective.

This was clearly a TRF pretending to be a superhet. The reaction control was a pre-set hidden at the back. The nice thing about this TRF (apart from the ability to really annoy the neighbours) is that operation of its separate off switch causes it to gently fade away to nothing (no oscillators to suddenly stop). Very restful.

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