Goblin Time-spot


This is the original clock-radio! - a bit big for today's bedside drawer unit, however. This radio was produced by the British Vacuum Cleaner company (eat your heart out Mr. Dyson). This has to be the origin of strategic marketing ("pumps out the beat as it sweeps as it cleans"?).

Valves, of course, are perfect for this application. The volume increasing smoothly from a low hum to a level just sufficient to arouse you from that wonderful dream. One obviously necessary feature, however, was the volume level annunciation window. Without it you were in serious danger of being blasted out of bed!

The only serious problem here is the clock. Not only does it clunk and click incessantly, preventing you from getting to sleep; it also prefers to go backwards! My daughter thinks this is a wonderful feature and has made me promise never to fix it (the marketeers would doubtless agree - the hoovering gets done in no time!).


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