Bush DAC90A

  This one was found in a Saturday market at our village hall. It had been donated by one of the local "characters" and was in a bit of a state! The case was cracked but luckily it wasn't in too noticeable a location and responded to the trusty "Araldite" treatment (used to hold aircraft wings on - you know!). The expenditure of much elbow-grease with "Polishing Compound No.5" to cut through the "muck of ages" eventually produced quite a reasonable finish. Not a particularly well figured piece of Bakelite, but viewed from the right angle...

Electrically it wasn't too bad and had clearly been just about working in the not too distant past. Various capacitors were replaced and the volume control given a squirt of switch cleaner. There was some deliberation over the chassis mounted 2-pin mains plug. Eventually opted to keep it in the interests of originality (with a mental note to write a will before any future servicing activity).

The most satisfying bit, of course, was re-assembly. A shiny new piece of expanded metal was bought from a stand at the NVCF (inexplicably supplied in a sort of 12" record sleeve!) and carefully "domed" into place. With a gingerly cleaned dial and toothbrush-polished knobs the phoenix was resurrected!

It now occupies the top of one of the speakers in our dining room (hides the plant-pot mark a treat!) where it alternates with the Wartime Utility Set as the "Gardeners Question Time" radio.

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