Cigarette Cards




This is a set of cards entitled "How to build a two-valve set" issued by Godfrey Phillips cigarettes. They were bought for me by my wife a few years ago but unfortunately, three were missing. Eventually however, following up a contact found via eBay, I was able to obtain the three missing cards and complete the set.

Instructions for the construction of the set is on the back of the cards. Some of the comments bring a wry smile to the lips: e.g. "The cost of the materials used is under £3, but by substituting cheaper components, the price can be reduced to about £2 without seriously reducing the efficiency."

I wonder how may people built the set - it's claimed by the author that "..over a dozen stations have been logged in as many minutes." One day I'd like to have a go at it. I think I've got all the components except that rather impressive "Ormond" slow motion tuning dial - maybe someone out there can help?


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