Ekco RS3 Consolette


This was acquired at an auction as part of a larger lot. At the time I had no idea what it was but subsequently discovered that it was the chassis of the highly prized Ekco RS3 Consolette , normally clad in a superb cathedral style bakelite case with the famous "Pollarded Willow" speaker grill. Sadly the case was not included. I can only assume that it was damaged beyond repair and the chassis abandoned in some dusty workshop.

Although missing its valves, I suppose the receiver could be restored to a working state. All components appear to be present and unmodified. Even the chain driven dial mechanism, with its intriguing arrangement of automatic wave-change at the end of its travel, still appears to function. Not having the cabinet however, there seems little point. So I’m afraid it continues to gather dust…


Update: 1st march 2004 - The RS3 is to live again! A fortunate owner of the magnificent "Trees" cabinet has now purchased my lonely chassis and is finally able to commence restoration (aren't search engines wonderful things!). He's looking for that missing knob and also a replacement back so if anyone out there can help, please let me know. Good luck Phil - hope to see that photo one day!


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