Restoration Projects


There are a number of restoration projects in progress here (some have been "in progress" for rather a long time!). Here's just one of them:



This is a Lissen Skyscraper 3 although I'm convinced that the case is home made. I understand that the chassis was available as a kit although I have seen pictures of what looks like a complete radio, including loudspeaker.

As can be seen, the case has been re-varnished but is let down by the front panel. This appears originally to have been given a "wood effect" finish. Unfortunately, many years of use have left their mark and ideally the panel needs to be re-painted. Problem is - I've yet to find a suitable product to use. Also the central knob is not correct - guess I'll keep scrabbling around in cardboard boxes at the NVCF or BVWS events till I find something more suitable.



Inside is not too bad after an initial clean up. Some of the original rubber covered wiring should really be replaced, however, and the chassis seems to be held in place by gravity and not much else. The main problem here is that someone has replaced the original Lissen output valve with a presumably more easily obtainable substitute. Worse news is that the valve base has also been changed to suit! Not sure quite what to do here.

I have had the set working though. Using a rather ad-hoc collection of batteries and power supplies I did manage to get some good strength headphone signals out of it. It would be nice to find a contemporary "battery eliminator" to power it.


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